The Best Solar Panels

We wanted to place solar panels on our roof.

But here in the US the prices for some quality solar panels can be really unforgiving. Thats why we decided to use our connections in the solar world to find out what was our best options based on budget and quality.

When you think of solar panels there are 3 things that come to mind:

Home Icon Increase the value of your home! reselling a property with solar panels is really hot today!
Bulb Icon Provide clean & reliable home energy! Be a part of the solution and not the opposite. Also lower your bills.
Lock Icon Protect against rising energy costs! If electricity prices would come to raise, you will be covered ahead.
So i sent some emails to some people who lets say are pretty involved in the solar business. It took a day or 4-5 to receive some emails back and i must say i wasn’t disappointed at all! We got the names of 2 highly recommended companies.
Our quest continued but changed its course. Instead of looking for companies we were now comparing them.
Comparing hundreds of customer reviews, complaints and comments.
Both companies seemed to come very close to each other in many prospects but we had to make a decision, so the final thing we had to compare were prices. This is a hard one as prices vary based on the quantity of panels, their specs and more.
What we did was the following. We applied for a free quote from both companies, we entered the same house details etc.
The winning company WON not only because it was nearly 600$ cheaper but also they offered us a longer warranty and technical support. They didn’t require us to place their company stickers on our product or anything like that.
We went a head and ordered their panels + installation.
A few days later they came with a bunch of friendly guys who were also able to answer all of our questions and installed everything. Within a few hours our house was semi-solar powered. This is truly amazing how fast and effective this is.
For everyone who wants to know the company name CLICK HERE.

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